#Santiago2023Legacy | Get to know the Social Legacy of our Santiago 2023 Games

Get to know more about the Legacy that our #Santiago2023 Pan American and Parapan American Games will leave, from a social perspective, in our country.

The #Santiago2023Legacy section has as an objective to inform about the impact areas of our Santiago 2023 Pan American and Parapan American Games. Know about all the details about the social legacy.


The social legacy is a group of actions that aim to generate a process of social transformation from a double dimension: inspiration and empowerment.

From #Santiago2023 we seek to inspire the community from the promotion and diffusion of the transversal values related to the Legacy and Sustainability strategy: Inclusion, Gender Equity, Diversity, and Environmental responsibility. To achieve such a goal, there have been designed activities that can impact people and transmit them the desire to work as a team for a common goal, overcoming the obstacles and respecting the environment, the house rules, and diversity. To achieve this two strategic objectives were established:

  1. Spread in the community the passion, perseverance, and inclusion values; with two initiatives.

  2. Promote a diverse, equal, and with gender equity society; with three initiatives.


1. Culture, Torch relay, and Opening Ceremonies Program: Through the development of activities that strengthen the #Santiago2023 cultural identity, the program seeks to carry out a free and inclusive cultural programming that involves communities and spectators with the Games.

2. Get to know your star: Outstanding athletes will visit schools and diverse institutions to promote sports participation from their own life stories and through workshops and activities.

3. Education Program: Through a connection with diverse educational communities, the program will make public its contents related to the Games, the social role of sports and its relation with sustainable development, social inclusion, and culture. This teachers training workshop will end with the students of primary school visiting the Santiago 2023 Games.

4. The Volunteering Program: The #Volunteering is a fundamental axis to achieve an optimal development of the Games. Through the design of a recruitment and selection strategy, training processes according to the needs of each sport or particular function. In Chile, there will also be nearly 17 thousand trained people to support large events and other necessities.

5. Memory road (Camino de la Memoria in Spanish): In the context of the commemoration of the 50 years from the Chilean Coup d’état, and in order to honor the victims of political imprisonment, torture, and murder carried out at the Estadio Nacional; the Ministry of Sport, through the National Institute of Sports along with the Corporación Estadio Nacional Memoria Nacional, develops the memorial project “Memory trip,” a winding path of 450 meters that connects the coliseum with the velodrome. Said path used to be walked by the political prisoners from their cells to the torture zone.

Nowadays, this path is undergoing a change of meaning through a building project carried out by the architect Teodoro Fernández, winner of the Architecture National Prize, along with the artists: Norma Ramírez, Gaad Baytelman, Ricardo Loebel and also the Literature National Prize, Raúl Zurita.

Memory road is an educational contribution in human rights, a tangible social legacy that seeks to honor both: the victims and their families, being a reparation element, and more than that, a meaningful milestone for the building of a future with memory.

The legacy also pretends to leave a significant bond between the community and institutions through two main activities organized by the Community Outreach functional area.

1. Neighborhood Murals: It’s a space of community outreach that seeks to recover areas for sport, social, and cultural activities; and it also looks for generating cultural, sport, and inclusive participatory experiences in the territories.

2. Agreements with higher educational institutions: It seeks to establish a collaboration relationship with the objective to get the universitary community closer to the experience of the most important multisport event in the history of our country. This allows the Corporation to count on researches of diverse universities in topics related to sport, social, and environmental topics.


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