Pan American and Parapan American Games: Santiago 2023 Village presents more than an 80% of progress

The Village that has 17 towers is already in the final stage to become the home of more than half of the Athletes during the Pan American and Parapan American Games.

A progress of more than 80% has the Santiago 2023 Village, which is being built in the Cerrillos district at the southeast of the capital for the Pan American and Parapan American Games. Said Village will be the home of 6 thousand athletes and Para athletes out of the 9 thousand that will come for the continental event.

To inspect the work on site important authorities visited the Village, such as the Minister of Minvu, Carlos Montes; the Minister of Sports, Jaime Pizarro; the Deputy Presidential Delegate for Santiago, Sandra Saavedra; the Undersecretary of the Minister of Sports, Antonia Illanes; the Director of the Metropolitan Housing and Town Planning Service (Serviu), Juana Nazal; the Director of the National Sports Institute, Israel Castro; the Mayor of Cerrillos, Lorena Facuse; the President of the Chilean Olympic Committee, Miguel Ángel Mujica, and the Chief Executive Officer of the Santiago 2023 Corporation, Gianna Cunazza.

According to the information provided by Minvu, who are in charge of the building construction, the works have an 83% of real progress in slot B next to Av. Departamental and in charge of the DLP construction company. Furthermore, slot C, in charge of Mena y Ovalle, has a progress of 86%. In the middle of the facilities is being built the Pan American walkway, which has 39% of progress.

The Minister, Carlos Montes; the Undersecretary, Antonia Illanes; the Minister of Sports, Jaime Pizarro; the Mayor of Cerrillos, Lorena Facuse, and the Chief Executive Officer of Santiago 2023, Gianna Cunazza salute from the balcony of one of the finished apartments in the Village (picture by: Sergio Maureira / Santiago 2023).

Minister Montes highlighted that “we’re happy because we’re sure we’ll comply and we’re doing it, so don’t have doubts about it. We do believe this project is valuable, interesting, and its design has been discussed. This place will have a lot of life, it’ll be nice and pleasant for the athletes, so they’ll feel this space as their own.”

In addition, the Minister of Sports, Jaime Pizarro, emphasized the future use of the condominiums, which will give a housing solution for more than a thousand families through state subsidies. “It’s deeply gratifying and I think we should also assume a relevant part of the legacy of how these projects are developed. These precincts, that are a significant sample of the buildings, is where a lot of athletes’ dreams will be while they try their best to achieve their best performances during the Pan American and Parapan American Games.”

The Pan American and Parapan American Village project has 17 towers, green areas, children’s playground, sport equipment, commercial units, and pedestrian walkway in 6.4 hectares, thanks to a public and private investment of more than US $100 million. During the Santiago 2023 Games the Village will be the operational base of the delegations and it’ll connect with the main competition precincts through the Metro subway (line 6 specifically, Cerrillos station) and special routes in the streets.

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