#DidYouKnowThat in Chile water is potable

In Chile you’ll feel safe while drinking water, below we’ll explain to you why.

Contrary to other Latin American countries, Chile has potable water from north to south, and from coast to mountain, reaching a 91% of the population. 

The potable water of our country complies with the 409 Chilean norm that regulates water quality. Such regulation was created by doctors and based on suggestions by the World Health Organization (WHO).

According to the norm, the Chilean potable water must comply with 43 quality parameters that are grouped in four types:

  • Type of chemicals and minerals.

  • Turbidity or absence of microorganisms.

  • Detectable by senses physical characteristics such as color, smell or taste.

  • Disinfection.

According to the above, in all the Chilean urban zones it’s not necessary to boil or filter the water tap before drinking it.

Don’t hesitate in asking for a glass of  tap water if you're in a restaurant because it’s not just healthy, but also free!

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