The Santiago 2023 Games and ProChile sign an agreement to strengthen the image of Chile

This alliance seeks to display Chile’s virtues throughout the whole continent by taking advantage of the significance of the Pan American and Parapan American Games.

The magnitude of a sporting event like the Pan American and Parapan American Games can result in a great opportunity for the host country to showcase itself to the world. That’s exactly what the alliance between the Santiago 2023 Corporation and ProChile, which was signed this Thursday, April 13th, is aiming at. 

Overall, the objective of this agreement is to showcase the virtues, characteristics, and the offer of goods and services our country has. All of this having in mind the visibility that the multisport festival of the Americas will provide through the nearly 200 million people watching from home along the continent. 

In this context, Ignacio Fernández, ProChile General Director, showed his enthusiasm for the opportunity that the Games present. About this, he said that “we have offices in all regions of Chile and in 50 countries. We’re happy to be able to provide support with our offices in the promotion of the event, talking about what’s being done, thus promoting this event in the way it should be, effectively, due to its magnitude.”

Both organizations signed the agreement the Thursday, April 13th (picture by: Santiago 2023).

Along the same line, the highest authority of the organization added that Santiago 2023 has all their support. He also mentioned that “organizing these Games is really a massive responsibility, which is why they can count on ProChile for everything they need, from promoting the event, the goods, and the Chilean services, and showcasing us as a country that’s at the level of an event like this one.” 

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Office of the Corporation, Gianna Cunazza, stated that “this agreement is very important because it allows us to strengthen an element that is essential for us: revealing, transmitting, and showcasing to the world and all of the Americas the benefits, virtues, and characteristics of our country. Strengthening the image of our country is one of the objectives we have for the Games and there’s no doubt that our alliance with ProChile will help along those lines.” 

In practical terms, the agreement settles mutual support between both organizations during the months before the sport event takes place through broadcasting, participation in activities with each other, and planning for tourism, among other tasks.

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