Recap: Check all the results, the medal tally, the major figures, and what the Rowing Pre Pan American in San Pedro de la Paz left

The United States and Chile confirmed their conditions in the course, while Cuba brought the surprises. Furthermore, the possibility of hosting the pre-Olympics on the road to Paris 2024 is now open.

A total of 36 medals, including 12 gold medals, were competed for from Saturday 15th to Wednesday 19th, April, in the Rowing Pre Pan American in San Pedro de la Paz, ahead of the Santiago 2023 Games. The United States was the most decorated delegation participating in Laguna Grande after obtaining 4 gold, 3 silver, and 1 bronze medals, followed by Chile and the worthy Cuba. 

Team USA showed balance between male and female categories with Grace Joyce, Verónica Nicacio, and Madeline Focht shining bright, while the host country team had the brilliant participation of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic duo César Abaroa and Eber Sanhueza, aside from the renowned Melita Abraham, Antonia Abraham and Victoria Hostetter. 

Special mention for the Cuban representatives. Paying homage to Ángel Fournier, considered the best rower in the history of Cuba, who died on March 16th, the islanders reached the podium, leaving Uruguay and Canada empty-handed, thanks to the work led by Carlos Ajete and Reidy Cardona.

The United States representatives were succesful in their quest in Laguna Grande. (Picture from: Mercelo Hernández / Photosport).


The regattas competition, chosen by the Santiago 2023 organizing committee as the test event for its functional areas ahead of the Pan American Games, was watched all over the world through the screens of Panam Sports Channel. The body of water and vegetation caused great surprise for the president of the Americas Rowing Confederation (COPARE), Fernando Ucha. 

The board member picked up the national interest in receiving the qualifier for the Paris Olympics, in April next year, although Brazil and Mexico are also competing to earn the hosting of the event. About Laguna Grande, the Uruguayan commented that “we believe it’s a serious contender.”

The chilean team finished second place in the medal tally. (Picture from: Marcelo Hernández / Photosport).

The national application is taking place due to the success of the Pre Pan American. Iván Candia, president of the Chile Rowing Federation, has stated that “we’re just discussing this topic. We feel supported by the rest of the countries but this requires a lot of resources. We would be happy to host the pre-Olympics, it would be important for the country and South America.”

Before that, San Pedro de la Paz will host the Rowing and Canoe speed competitions of the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games. The first will take place from October 21st to 25th, while the second one will take place from November 1st to 4th, with María José Maillard and Karen Roco as the big national competitors. 


USA: 4 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze

CHI: 4 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze

CUB: 2 gold and 1 silver

URU 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze

CAN: 1 gold and 1 silver

MEX: 2 silver and 2 bronze

BRA: 1 silver and 2 bronze

ARG: 1 silver and 1 bronze


CHI: 3 gold and 2 silver

USA: 2 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze

CAN: 1 gold and 1 silver

ARG: 1 silver

BRA: 2 bronze

MEX: 2 bronze


CUB: 2 gold and 1 silver

USA: 2 gold

MEX: 2 silver and 2 bronze

URU: 1 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze

CHI: 1 gold and 2 bronze

BRA: 1 silver

ARG: 1 bronze


Singles (W1x)

1st Grace Joyce (USA)

2nd Antonia Abraham (CHI)

3rd Beatriz Cardoso (BRA)

Doubles (W2x)

1st Verónica Nicacio and Madeline Focht (USA)

2nd Melita Abraham and Victoria Hostetter (CHI)

3rd Caroline de Paiva and Kristen Siermachesky (CAN)

Lightweight doubles (LW2x)

1st Antonia Liewald and Isidora Niemeyer (CHI)

2nd Sonia Baluzzo and Evelyn Silvestro (ARG)

3rd Elizabeth Martin and Mary Wilson (USA)

Quad (W4x)

1st Antonia Pichot, Melita Abraham, Antonia Abraham and Victoria Hostetter (CHI)

2nd Grace Joyce, Katherine Horvat, Madeline Focht y Verónica Nicacio (USA)

3rd Chloe Delazeri, Nathalia Barbosa, Beatriz Cardoso y Maria Fernanda Nunes (BRA) 

Coxless pair (M2-)

1st Kailani Marchak y Olivia McMurray (CAN)

2nd Isa Darvin y Cristina Pretto (USA)

3rd Lilian Armenta y Maite Arrillaga (MEX)

Coxless quad (M4-)

1st Magdalena Nannig, Antonia Abraham y Victoria Hostetter (CHI)

2nd Isa Darvin, Hannah Paynter, Cristina Pretto y Lauren Miller (USA)

3rd Davanih Plata, Lilian Armenta, Maite Arrillaga y Naomi Ramírez (MEX)


Single (M1x)

1st James Plihal (USA)

2nd Lucas Ferreira (BRA)

3rd Juan José Flores (MEX)

Double (M2x)

1st Carlos Ajete y Reidy Cardona (CUB)

2nd Miguel Carballo y Alexis López (MEX)

3rd Axel Haack y Agustín Scenna (ARG)

Lightweight double (LM2x)

1st César Abaroa y Eber Sanhueza (CHI)

2nd Ricardo de la Roda y Rafael Mejía (MEX)

3rd Felipe Kluver y Mauricio López (URU)

Quad (M4x)

1st Bruno Cetraro, Marcos Sarraute, Felipe Kluver y Leandro Salvagno (URU)

2nd Yoelvis Hernández, Carlos Ajete, Maykol Álvarez y Reidy Cardona (CUB)

3rd Alfredo Abraham, Ignacio Abraham, Brahim Alvayay y Óscar Vásquez (CHI)

Coxless pair (M2-)

1st Ezra Carlson y Alexander Hedge (USA)

2nd Martín Zócalo y Leandro Rodas (URU)

3rd Hugo Reyes y Jordi Gutiérrez (MEX)

Coxless quad (M4-)

1st Carlos Ajete, Reidy Cardona, Andrey Barnet y Leduar Suárez (CUB)

2nd Eric Seawright, Leandro Rodas, Martín Zócalo y Marcos Sarraute (URU)

3rd Ignacio Abraham, Alfredo Abraham, Alonso Poo y Óscar Vásquez (CHI)

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