How much do you know about boccia?

This is a new section of #ParaEducation and on this occasion we’ll talk about one of the two Paralympic exclusive disciplines, that means it doesn’t have an olympic equivalent. Get to know everything about this Para sport that will be part of our #Santiago2023 Parapan American Games.

It’s a discipline of strategy and precision. Originally created for athletes with cerebral palsy, today it’s played by athletes with any type of physical impairment that generates motor dysfunction of their four limbs. Boccia made its debut in the New York 1984 Paralympic Games, and it’s present in the Parapan American Games since Mar del Plata 2003.


In boccia, Para athletes that belong to the following sport classes compete:

  • BC1: athletes have severe limitations that affect their legs, arms, and torso; they usually rely on an electric wheelchair.

  • BC2: players have a better functioning of the torso and arms than class BC1. The abilities in the arms and hands often allow them to throw the ball beyond and below the heads with a variety of catches. 

  • BC3: athletes have significant limitations in the functioning of their arms and legs, and insufficient or zero torso control. They’re incapable of catching or dropping the ball in a stable way. Also, athletes can’t boost in a consistent way in the field of play and they’re allowed to use a ramp with the support of a sports assistant. 

  • BC4: it groups players with no cerebral dysfunctions that also affects their coordination.

Along with goalball, boccia is one of the two Paralympic sports that doesn’t have a conventional sport in an Olympic level.


Boccia is a mixed sport, where men and women compete individually, in pairs, or in teams.

  • Individually: BC1, BC2, BC3, and BC4.

  • Teams: BC1/BC2.

  • In pairs: BC3/BC2.

Both cases, in pairs and teams, there must be at least one woman or man in the game. In addition, within the teams must be athletes from the category BC1. 

Strategy is essential in the development of this sport.

Six boccias of different colors per team, in pairs, or individually are played. The main goal is throwing the balls of your color to a white ball and, at the same time, blocking the path of your opponents.

#DidYouKnoWthat boccia is the Para sport that joins people with the more severe impairments.


Andreza Vitória De Oliveira (BC1), from Brazil, and Luis Cristaldo (BC2), from Argentina, are some of the greatest Boccia referents worldwide.

In a national level, Germán Calderón is our current Challenger 2022 champion in the BC1 category.

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