What is the Santiago 2023 Legacy?

We’re opening a new section of our Games: #Santiago2023Legacy, which will compile all the milestones and values that will remain in our country after the Pan American and Parapan American Games have taken place. Get to know about our legacy here.


#Santiago2023 has the goal of organizing the biggest multisport event in the country and in the Americas. But, it also has the objective of leaving a mark in the social, sports, urban, and environmental aspects. 


The notion of legacy is multifaceted and has a large reach. Now, for such a sports event, legacy is all that is left and can be considered a consequence of what is happening around it (Chappelet, Jean-Loup., (2012), Mega Sporting Event Legacies: A Multifaceted concept). 

Parque Estadio Nacional recinct.  Urban legacy (picture by: Santiago 2023).

In Santiago 2023, we understand the word legacy as the process of collective construction of long-term benefits, both tangible and intangible, that are a consequence of the celebration of the Santiago 2023 Pan American and Parapan American Games. This means, it’ll be everything that’s remembered from the event and is a turning point. 

Its main values are a chance to transcend in different areas that will benefit our country in topics such as gender, diversity, equality, and environmental responsibility.

These are the four areas of our #LegacySantiago2023 Plan: 

  • Social legacy: it entails initiatives to encourage people to give the best they have and work in teams for common goals; to not give up despite the difficulties; to respect oneself; the environment, and the norms of living in society; to accept diversity of people and individual differences. 

  • Urban legacy: it includes transformations in landscape, functionality, and territorial dynamic that will happen due to the Games. It will collect Santiago 2023 initiatives directed to neighbors in Santiago, so they enjoy fair access to places to do sports, bigger and better public services, accessible infrastructure and green areas. 

  • Sport legacy: it groups together initiatives in three big lines of action, which are making physical activity and sports be closer to the community, promote active lives and healthy lifestyles, and strengthen the capacity of Chile to host, organize, and produce large multisport events in the country. 

  • Environmental legacy: it includes planification and management policies that seek to reduce the environmental impact of the Games and to encourage the inclusion of sustainable standards in the management and report cycles of the event.

Gana Santiago Race, organized by the RM Government. Sport Legacy (picture by: Santiago 2023).

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