Football is a game with teams of 11 players. The objective is to score in the opposite goal a ball that cannot be touched by hands, nor arms by any players, except by the one at the goal, the goalkeeper. The field of play is a rectangle, with natural or artificial grass, with a goal on each side of the field.

The team that wins is the one that scores the most goals on the opposite goal in the 90-minute match. It is considered the most popular sport in the world, and according to FIFA, over 270 million people are involved in football in the planet.

In the picture, a male football player kicks a ball. He extends his arms and legs. He is wearing a red uniform.

History of this sport

Football originated in ancient China, but its modern version began on the streets of medieval England before becoming the world's most popular sport.

Its creation as such is attributed to England, which regulated the game in 1863 through the Football Association, the first football association.

The first official women's match was held in London in 1895. In 1902, the English Football Association banned women's football and playing against women's teams.

After the 1966 World Cup and the progressive massification of football, the interest of female fans grew to such an extent that the Football Association decided to re-incorporate them in 1969 after the creation of its women's division.

Football has been played in all editions of the Pan American Games, and since 1999, women's football has also participated. The men's tournament is played with U-22 teams, plus three players with no age restrictions.

Since 1987, a group stage and a direct elimination final stage have been played, including gold and bronze medal finals.

The team that has won the most distinctions at the Pan American level is Argentina, with 13 medals in total and seven golds.

In the picture, a male football player kicks a ball. He extends his arms and legs. He is wearing a red uniform.

How do you compete?

The duration of a game is two 45-minute halves, with an intermission period of no more than 15 minutes. In some cases, it may be higher when there is a tie. Extra time or a series of penalty kicks is applied.

Each match is controlled by a head referee appointed by the organization of the competition in question, who is the ultimate authority of the match and in charge of enforcing the rules of the game. All decisions of the referee are final.

The referee has two assistant referees at his disposal to assist him in making decisions. He also has a fourth referee at his disposal, who is the one who corroborates him, and also controls the seven substitutes and the technical staff. The fourth referee also indicates substitutions and the extension of regulation time.

This sport is played with a spherical ball (made of leather or other material, with a circumference of no more than 70 centimeters and no less than 68 centimeters), and weighing no more than 450 grams and no less than 410 grams at the start of the game.

Football is played on a rectangular field of natural or artificial turf. The permitted dimensions of the field are 90 to 120 meters long and 45 to 90 meters wide. However, for international matches, measures between 100 and 110 meters long and between 64 and 75 meters wide are recommended.


How much should a ball weigh at the start of the game?

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Information for the community

In July 2016, the Association of Women's Soccer Players was formed. Created by a group of female players from the Chilean environment, it was formed with the aim of regularizing and improving the conditions in which this sport is developed. In response to the stagnation of women's soccer in the country, the Association seeks to position it at a competitive level and to protect and defend the rights of the players.

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