Shooting Para sport

It is a sport that requires a lot of focus, concentration, control, and precision. It uses a sport classification system that allows wheelchair users and Para athletes of different types of disabilities to compete together.

At the Santiago 2023 Parapan American Games, Para athletes of SH1 and SH2 classes compete. The SH1 class groups athletes who can hold the weapon without support as opposed to the SH2 class that needs support.


Shooting is a discipline that has been practiced for centuries all over the world. At the Toronto 1976 Paralympic Games, it was officially included for the first time, with three competitions. Later, as time went by, up to 29 events were included, although from Sydney 2000 onwards, only 12 were set.

The last edition of the Tokyo Paralympic Games included 13 events, including events for women, men and mixed.

How do you compete?

In Shooting Para sport, the athlete must shoot a gun or air gun, either a rifle or a pistol, and hit a target divided into 10 concentric rings. Athletes shoot from different positions (standing, sitting and streched out) and from different distances (10, 25 and 50 meters).


In which category can competitors use a gun mount?

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