This discipline is a race modality that is performed with in-line skates.

Competitors, on an oval track, perform laps with the objective to overcome their rivals and reach the finish line in the least possible time. Quick and explosive, Speed Skating requires that the competitors have a high physical and mental preparation.

In the picture, a female skater on a race.

History of this sport

This sport became popular in the 20th century. The first Roller Speed Skating World Championship was held in Monza, Italy, in 1937. On that occasion only men with traditional rollers participated.

Regarding the sports equipment, in 1992 the traditional skates were changed for those with inline wheels.

Although it is not part of the program of the Summer Olympics, the delegations of the Americas shine in the competition. In 2018, for the first time in history, (roller?) speed skating was included in the Youth Olympic Games, held in Buenos Aires.

The discipline appeared as an exhibition sport at the 1979 Pan American Games, eventually being included as part of the sports competition calendar at every Games since Indianapolis 1987.

At Lima 2019, Colombia had an outstanding participation. Its team obtained six medals in total, five of them golds.

In the picture, a female skater on a race.

How do you compete?

In this discipline, athletes compete in three individual events to be confirmed: 300 m time trial, 500 m + distance sprint and 10,000 m race.

In the time trial, each skater is individually timed and the one with the shortest time wins.

In 500 m + distance the two athletes who arrive first in each elimination round pass to the next round until they reach the final round.

In the 10,000 m the elimination directly applies to one or more skaters, at one or more determined points of the course (track??). The referee judge will communicate the elimination protocol before the competition starts.


What are the tests of speed skating?

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Information for the community

Santiago Rollers is a skate community in Chile. On Instagram they have more than 10,000 followers and have already celebrated massive anniversaries of the organization touring the city on eight wheels. In Santiago, they generally meet and carry out activities at the intersection of Bandera and Moneda streets. Follow them on their social networks: @SantiagoRollers

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