Artistic Skating is a movement sport discipline where participants perform pirouettes, jumps and other technical exercises, using roller skates.

The discipline combines artistic and technical components, added to the physical dexterity in a routine that is harmonized with music.

In the picture, a female skater is lifting her arm and leg looking up.

History of this sport

It is said that skating emerged in Holland during the 17th century thanks to a man who wanted to continue skating in the summer, when canals had thawed. He put wheels on his shoes and began to skate on the ground.

In the following century, the first skates were patented by the Belgian John Joseph Merlin, in 1760.

It has been on the Olympic program since the 1908 London Games.

Artistic roller skating was introduced at the 1979 Pan American Games in San Juan. The historic medal table is led by the US, with 18 golds. Argentina follows, with seven gold medals.

In the picture, a female skater is lifting her arm and leg looking up.

How do you compete?

There are different disciplines (individuals, pairs or groups) that compete in the male and female branches. We can find the following:

  • Figures
  • Freestyle
  • Duo free (also called Pairs)
  • Couples Compulsory Dance
  • Solo Compulsory Dance
  • Quartet
  • Club show
  • Original dance
  • Free dance
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In which edition of the Pan American Games was Artistic roller skating introduced?

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Information for the community

SSantiago Rollers is a skate community in Chile. On Instagram they have more than 10 thousand followers and have already celebrated massive anniversaries of the organization touring the city on wheels. In Santiago, they generally meet and carry out activities at the corner of Bandera and Moneda, a pedestrian intersection that displays urban art on its asphalt. Follow them on their social networks: @SantiagoRollers

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