Para archery

Para archery is a sport discipline that requires a lot of concentration and control.

The objective of this sport is to shoot arrows as close as possible to the center of a target. Hitting the center circle guarantees the maximum score of 10 points.


Archery is one of the historical sports within the Paralympic world. Although this discipline emerged with the purpose of rehabilitating people with physical impairment, it was integrated into the first Games at Stoke Mandeville, Great Britain, in 1948, forming part of the Paralympic Games program in all its editions.

How do you compete?

There are three types of sports events in individual women's, men's and mixed teams:

In the Open test for recurve bow, the target measures 122 cm in diameter with values ranging from one to 10, and is located 70 m from the shooting line.

In the Open test for compound bow the target measures 80 cm in diameter, with values from five to 10 and is located 50 m from the shooting line.

In these two categories, the athletes who compete have a significant limitation in trunk and lower limbs activity. Many of them are wheelchair users.

The W1 event groups athletes who have a functional loss in the lower and upper extremities, requiring the modification of the bow trigger to be able to execute the shot. All athletes are wheelchair users and can use recurve or compound bows.

Archers in all categories are ranked according to their positions in the qualifying round and compete in single-elimination matches using the sets system.


What is the score used in the recurve bow test in Para Archery?

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