Trampoline gymnastics

Trampoline Gymnastics is an extremely attractive discipline since it generates stunts at a greater height, with faster speed and multiple flips with twists.

Gymnasts perform stunts at 8 m high, being capable of practically flying. It is one of the most recent disciplines at the Pan American Games. It debuted in Guadalajara 2011 with a male and female participation. In #Santiago2023 this sport will offer quota places for the next Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

In the picture, a female gymnast executes her jumping routine twisting her body. She is wearing a blue uniform.

History of this sport

The first modern trampoline was built by George Nissen and Larry Griswold in the 30s at Iowa University. It was created as a training tool for acrobats and athletes, and then it was used to train astronauts. The first trampoline world championships were held in 1964.

Trampoline gymnastics made its first appearance in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, with men’s and women’s competitions. The number of events has not changed since then.

In the Pan American Games, the discipline was included in Guadalajara 2011. Canada led a historical medal count, with eight medals in total and five gold medals.

In the picture, a female gymnast executes her jumping routine twisting her body. She is wearing a blue uniform.

How do you practice it?

Trampoline gymnastics is a speciality where gymnasts perform a routine composed by 10 elements with somersaults with extended body and/or bent with or without spins on a trampoline in a jumping area. The higher elevation a gymnast can achieve and the higher the difficulty, elegance and good posture of the movements, the more scoring options will be attained.

The competition program includes a classification routine with special requirements and a free routine. In the trampoline, two gold medals are awarded, one per gender. The judges are the ones that determine the score.

Get to know the events

known as elastic table or bed, it can be performed in an individual or synchronized manner. Gymnasts fly through the air performing triple somersaults with different body positions, including simple or complex twists.

here the gymnasts perform an initial run and then they jump on a sloped trampoline. They perform a stunt that lands on another elastic surface and then perform a different stunt to land on a sports mattress.

A long 20 m running track to perform continuous stunts at high speeds, and with different consecutive movements that vary in shape and difficulty with and without spins.


When was trampoline gymnastics included in the Pan American Games?

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