Equestrian Eventing

Equestrian Eventing is another one of the Equestrian disciplines. It exists since Buenos Aires 1951 and it has been a part of the Pan American games since then. Eventing is a combination of Jumping, Dressage and Cross Country.

The event is usually known as the triathlon of the equestrian world. It is held for three consecutive days: the first day is the dressage event, the second day is the cross country event, and the third day is the jumping event. In #Santiago2023 Eventing will offer a quota place for the next Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

In the picture, a female jockey riding her horse.

History of this sport

Introduced at the 1912 Stockholm Olympic Games, the entire event was open only to active-duty military men. For the Paris 1924 Games, the discipline was opened to civilian men and women only began to participate in Tokyo 1964.

Equestrian made its Pan American debut at the first Games in 1951 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It has appeared at every Pan American Games since then.

The all-time medal tally is led by the United States, with 48 golds and 93 total medals.

In the picture, a female jockey riding her horse.

How do you practice it?

This discipline requires the rider and horse to have considerable experience in all branches of horsemanship. It encompasses all aspects of the sport: the harmony between horse and rider that characterizes dressage; the contact with nature, endurance and extensive experience that are essential for cross country; and the precision, agility and technique involved in jumping.

Eventing combines jumping, dressage and cross-country phases. The rules for jumping and training are similar for individual competitions. The cross-country terrains are generally very imposing made of natural or artificial materials and obstacles. Judges are stationed near each obstacle and record any infractions.

Dressage now takes place over two days -thus the name changes from a three-day competition to a full competition- followed by the cross-country round.

Cross country is a unique event consisting of a curvy course, four to five kilometers in length, with about 35 obstacles, including hurdles, hedges and water jumps.

There are penalty points when horses refuse to negotiate an obstacle, and a fall of the rider or horse results in elimination. Time penalties occur when the time allotted for the test is exceeded.


What are the disciplines included in the Eventing?

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Information for the community

The Chilean Army Riding School, located in San Isidro de Quillota, will be the competition venue that will host the disciplines of Show Jumping, Dressage and Cross Country, that is, all the events that make up the complete event. The school has extensive facilities that will allow the proper development of the competitions planned for Santiago 2023.

The Chilean Equestrian Federation, at present, continues to promote competitive activity at national and international level in various establishments, being the Chilean Army Riding School one of the venues that allow the development of events of one, two and even three stars, recognized by the International Equestrian Federation - IEF.

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