Basketbal 3x3 is a simplified modality of conventional basquetball. Teams have four players, three on court and one substitution. There is no coach.

It is played only in one basket, and the court is 15 m wide by 11 m long. Matches last for 10 minutes, or finish when a team reaches 21 points, which makes this game a fast-paced and dynamic game, where the energy can be lived every second. It is considered the number one urban sport in the world. From its first official event at the 2010 Youth Olympic Games. FIBA (International Basketball Federation) has developed an ambitious vision for this sport, it was a part of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and will also be present at Santiago 2023, where it will add points for the Olympic ranking.

In the picture, a male basketball player holds the ball with their two hands and is on a jumping position to score a basket.

History of this sport

Despite the fact that this sport has existed for a long time, it was always linked to the streets. For this reason, FIBA paid full attention to it and decided to promote it because it is a sport that does not require many players or too large a space.

3x3 Basketball appears for the first time at the 2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games, where it was one of the sports that most captured the attention of viewers given its dynamism and entertaining spectacle.

Since then, FIBA has worked to establish general regulations for organizing tournaments around the world. Over time, it has been successful and events such as the 3x3 World Tour, 3x3 All Stars and U-18 World Cups have been held.

This sport was scheduled to participate in the 2034 Olympic Games. However, plans were advanced and it will be part of Tokyo 2020. In addition, it was premiered in the last Pan American edition of Lima 2019 with great success, establishing the American women's and men's teams as the champions of America.

In the picture, a male basketball player holds the ball with their two hands and is on a jumping position to score a basket.

How do you play it?

The main 3x3 rules are as follows:

- 1 basket in half court

- 12 seconds to score

- The first team to reach 21 points or more in 10 minutes wins

The pace is hectic, as there is no pause after a basket or a foul, and the attacking team has to try to shoot within 12 seconds of taking possession of the ball.

Most of the time, players are faced with one-on-one situations and the defending team quickly seeks to mark their opponent, with the aim of blocking their shot.


How many fouls can a 3x3 basketball player accumulate?

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Information for the community

In recent years this modality has increased in popularity given the good results of the country in international tournaments, which has been able to promote its practice even more. To be part of this sport you need motivation and a special shoe for the court, hopefully with a high top to avoid ankle injuries, which are very frequent in sports where rapid changes of direction are made. Find out more at

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