Badminton is a net sport characterized for being very exiting. On it you will be able to see a competition of great technique and above all speed, reason why its important to pay attention to each point.

It has as an objective to hit the shuttle with a light racket to go over the net and fall within the area of the opponent.
The shuttle has an open cone shape, with goose feathers attached to a round cork base.
At Santiago 2023, Badminton will provide score for the olympic ranking.

In the picture, a male badminton player positions their racket to volley the shuttle.

History of this sport

Badminton comes from India, where it was called “Poona”, the same name of a city located in Maharashtra where it was originally played. After the British colonization in that area of Asia, British soldiers took the game to England in 1875 and became popular in the British upper class.

Duke of Beaufort was one of the most interested people in this game and practiced it regularly in his country house in Gloucestershire, known as the “Badminton house”. This is the origin of the name which this sport is known nowadays.
The first men’s tournament was held in England, 1899. And the first women’s tournament in 1900.

This sport became very popular in the United States and Canada, and for this reason the first North American championships were held in Chicago, 1937.

Despite being very famous, only in 1992 it was categorized as an Olympic Sport.

In the picture, a male badminton player positions their racket to volley the shuttle.

How is it played?

As this sport is extremely fast, you must always be alert. The winner will be the best in a 3-set match, and the first player or couple that reaches 21 points will win the set. If the set score is tied at 20, the side that gets an advantage of 2 points will win this set.

If the difference is less than 2, the match continues until the 2 points difference is reached. If the score ties at 29, the side that first gets 30 points will win the set.

You win a game if you win 2 sets. These sets are played in two halves of seven minutes, with a 2-minute break.


How many Km/h do you think the shuttle can reach after it’s hit?

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Information for the community

The regions of Antofagasta and the Araucanía stand out for being national hubs for badminton. The northerner Alonso Medel is one of the leading exponents, while the southerner Ashley Montre stands out on the female branch. Both have played together since the 2017 South American U-20 Championship, also disputed in Santiago.

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