Santiago 2023's Great Moments: Competition Closes With People on the Street

At Isla de Maipo, a rural area in the Metropolitan Region, the final event of the Parapan American Games took place—the Para Cycling road race. The public took to the streets to cheer for the athletes one last time.

Sunday, November 26th, 2023.- The Para Cycling road race on Sunday morning brought the curtain down at the Santiago 2023 Parapan American Games. In contrast to the Pan American Games, where several sports were held outside Santiago, this was the only event not contested in the Chilean capital. 

The venue was Isla de Maipo, in the rural area of the Metropolitan Region, where people took to the streets to cheer for the athletes one last time, especially for Team ParaChile's last medalist, Matías Mancilla (bronze in the B tandem category). 

Different circuits ranging from 43.2 to 86.4 kilometers were set up for various categories on the streets and routes surrounding Isla de Maipo, approximately 40 kilometers from Santiago. 

It is noteworthy that Colombia secured the final gold medals with victories from Daniela Munevar in the C 1-3 female's category, Alejandro Perea in the C 1-3 male's category, Paula Ossa in the C 4-5 female's category, and Carlos Vargas in the C 4-5 male's category. 

Written by Alejandro Pérez; translated by Rocio Rojas / Santiago 2023 via Photosport 
Photo by Pablo Bigorra / Santiago 2023 via Photosport