Brazil beats Argentina in the classic and wins gold in PC Football

In a dramatic match that was decided in extra time, the Brazilians dominated and climbed to the top of the podium.

Saturday, November 25th, 2023.- Brazil vs Argentina, Argentina vs Brazil, however you put it, and in any football modality, it will always be a classic, with a marked rivalry. This time, in the final of Para Football that awarded the Parapan American gold, was no exception, where Brazil secured a 1-0 victory in extra time. 

It was a tense encounter, without a hint of complacency from both teams, who fought for every ball as if it had the value of the gold medal. 

Even before the first minute, Magalhaes Da Silva tested the gloves of the outstanding Sergio Gutiérrez, while the Argentinians accumulated yellow cards with Fernández, Bassi, Ocantos, and Lugrín against the relentless American referee, Margaret Domka. In the 10th minute, the authority expelled the Brazilian forward Ubirajara Da Silva in a confusing play for a foul without the ball against the Argentine Matías Fernández. 

The second-ranked team felt the expulsion, retreated, and gave space for the Albiceleste to test goalkeeper Moacir Silva: Bassi in the 30th minute, Lugrín in the 31st, and Carrizo in the 34th were close to opening the score, but Brazil resisted until halftime. 

As expected, in the second half, the vehemence of the game did not change, and Brazil waited for Argentine arrivals, betting on the counterattack with the skill of Cesar Batista and Matheus Cardoso (replaced by Angelo Do Santos). Thus, with an indecisive Argentina and a more restrained Brazil, the match ended in its normal phase to go to extra time of 10 minutes per half, where the talent of Angelo Mota and the figure of the green and yellow Cesar Batista appeared, who sealed a great play in the 73rd minute. 

Argentina felt the goal against and began with sustained attacks that turned goalkeeper Moacir Silva into a stronghold, but also had the loss of control of some of its players, such as Matías Fernández, who was expelled in the 81st minute. 

Brazil demonstrated superiority not only in this match but throughout the competition and was the rightful winner of the gold medal. 

Written by Rodrigo Vargas; translated by Paulette Bertín / Santiago 2023 via Photosport 
Photo by Pepe Alvujar / Santiago 2023 via Photosport