Boccia: Chile Faces Argentina Again in the Bronze Medal Match

The local team fell in a match during the group stage against the Argentinian team and now seeks revenge in the battle for the third position.

Saturday, November 25th, 2023.- With the support of the Chilean crowd, the local boccia team hopes to avenge the defeat handed to them by Argentina in the first match of Group A, where the latter emerged victorious with a close score of 8-6. 

That's the forecast from Javier Bastías, captain of the Chilean boccia team, who, along with Germán Calderón and Andrea Guzmán, aims to secure the bronze for their country in a match scheduled for 3:30 p.m. this Saturday. 

"I say that if we play like we are now, we could go for the medal," affirms Bastías. "In the first round, we faced Argentina, but we played very nervously, and that mainly marked our defeat," he added. 

"If we are like in this match, I feel confident about being able to achieve that bronze," he asserted. 

The support of the crowd is crucial for this, he said. "We felt the support of the crowd, and that helps us a lot. Unlike other championships where you heard a lot of Brazilian and Argentinian cheers, the Chileans were only the coaches, and we were the ones celebrating. But now, with more Chilean spectators, it gives us more excitement to give our best," he noted. 

The local team reached this bronze medal match after a 5-6 defeat against the Canadian team, which will face Brazil in the final. All matches are in the BC1/BC2 team category. 

Written by Erwin Acevedo – Luis Avendaño; translated by Pía Barriga Ferry / Santiago 2023 vía Photosport
Photo by Luis Hidalgo / Santiago 2023 vía Photosport