United States is In the Wheelchair Basketball Final

The Americans defeated Argentina 88-54 and will face Colombia for the gold medal.

Without major difficulties, the United States defeated Argentina 88-54 in the wheelchair basketball semifinals and will play for the gold medal this Saturday, November 25, at 5:00 p.m. at the Polideportivo 1 of the Estadio Nacional.

The North American team was clearly superior to their Argentinian counterpart, which was reflected in the scoreboard, as they dominated in all quarters (18-13, 31-19, 20-10, and 19-12) to secure the final score of 88-54.

The standout player for the United States was Jacobs Williams, with 26 points and five assists, followed by Jeromie Meyer (14-1).

Jorge Sánchez, who contributed with one point and three assists, valued his country's victory: "We want to win the gold medal, but the most important thing and our main goal is to qualify for the Paralympic Games, which is the biggest and most important event we can compete in as wheelchair basketball players. It's an honor to be in such an important instance."

After the loss in the semifinals, Argentina's goal will now be to secure the bronze medal in Santiago 2023, and to do so, they will have to defeat the powerful Canada in a match to be played this Saturday (2:30 p.m.) at Polideportivo 1.

Written by Marcelo López and Patricio Hernández; translated by Vicente Valdivia / Santiago 2023 vía Photosport
Photo by Sebastián Nanco / Santiago 2023 vía Photosport