Pairs From Brazil Continue to Dominate in Boccia

The competition continues at the Centro Deportivo Comunitario Lo Espejo, and in the pairs' matches, Brazil, a strong favorite, remains on course to add more medals.

Friday, November 24th, 2023.- In the BC3 category (limited mobility in arms and legs and minimal or no control of the trunk. They are unable to consistently grip or release the ball and cannot propel it. They are allowed to use a ramp with the assistance of a Sports Assistant), Brazil (Evelyn Vieira de Oliveira and Metus Carvalho) won 6-4 against Canada (Joëlle Guérette and Ryan Rondeau) and is very close to reaching the semifinals.

"It was a rather tough game; we faced considerable difficulties against a great and experienced opponent, but we found the way to win," commented Mateus Carvalho, who has already secured an individual gold medal for Brazil in the BC3 class.

In the same category, Colombia (María del Mar Vélez and Jesús Romero) won 13-0 against Guatemala (Eimy Loslei and Neri Tay), and Peru (Niurka Callupe and Dean Acosta) did the same against Chile, with a 6-0 win due to the local team's non-appearance, as boccia player Cristóbal Aranda had to undergo emergency surgery for appendicitis and couldn't continue in the competition with Javiera Quintriqueo.

In the BC4 class (players with non-cerebral disabilities that also affect their coordination), Mexico (Karla Manuel and Edgar Mora) won 9-2 against Chile (Alfonsina Urrejola and Leonel Arellano), while Argentina (Isis Calderón and Facundo Bulació) defeated Brazil (Josiane Batista and André Martins) 3-2.

This afternoon, the matches continue, both in pairs and teams, to determine the semifinalists who will face each other this Saturday, November 25, aiming for spots in the finals to be held on the same day.

Written by Marcelo López and Rodrigo Parragué; translated by Vicente Valdivia / Santiago 2023 vía Photosport
Photo by Javier Vergara / Santiago 2023 vía Photosport