Corporación Santiago 2023, understanding that the sport is, above all, a cause and that along with athletes it is what inspires us as a team, presented their mission,vision and values, as well as the three pillars that will guide the objectives that as a Corporation we set out to fulfil: the high performance athlete, sustainability and the community.


The Pan American and Parapan American Games Santiago 2023’s mission is to build a sustainable legacy with future prospects for the current and new generations based on the inspiring role of sports.


We believe in the high performance athlete as a healthy life promoter, and as an agent of social transformation, due to the excellence, perseverance and inclusion that the sports competition delivers.


  • PASSION: We do it with strength and conviction.
  • PERSEVERANCE: We are constant when facing challenges.
  • INCLUSION: We have spaces for everyone.
  • DETERMINATION: We have a purpose that inspires us.
  • EXCELLENCE: We do it with professionals engaged with our values.
Santiago 2023